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Welcome to the StarQuest TV Challenge !!

We GREATLY appreciate you taking time to visit us on line ! What IS the StarQuest TV Challenge ? Well…simply put……..Thousands of singers will be competing throughout The Greater Pittsburgh area, and over the next 6 months, will SING THEIR HEARTS out at  Universities, Churches, Restaurants, Lounges, Bars, and Nightclubs, for the chance to appear on the show. If they win on their week, they go to the finals where they can win $25,000.00 worth of cash and prizes !!

Yes, we are a talent based show. However, our show format will produce and implement POSITIVE messages to those who really want and NEED help, changing their way of thinking, and we will get them to the next desired level in life so that they and their families can live a more productive and prosperous life. The people involved with this venture are PASSIONATE about helping people DISCOVER Faith… STRENGTHEN their FAITH… and their entire outlook on life ! If we save or bring POSITIVE change in only ONE life, then we have completed our mission. You can learn more about our passion, our goals…and what motivates us, in different areas of this site. This site will answer ALL questions and will keep all visitors regularly informed with ALL things related to the STARQUEST TV CHALLENGE ! Please click on the ABOUT US link next…to learn more !

See ya’ inside !

If You Can Sing,You Can Win! ...

“A MAJOR priority of ours, is to build STRENGTH in our business communities and promote good service announcements on our show, which give people in our communities who may be suffering from addictions and ill health, the opportunity to get the help they need and the motivation to help them make better choices and help the people grow spiritually.. with the assistance of state and local agencies that will be working with us throughout this campaign. Yes….we’re looking for talent, but more importantly…we’re looking to CHANGE LIVES in MANY ways !”
Are you ready ? Don’t wait ! Sign up for an audition today !